Do you own entertainment content? No, we’re not talking about a big box full of DVD’s, but rather ownership of content copyrights and/or trademarks. Maybe you own a movie library or perhaps someone in your family was in the business: a star, a producer, a director, etc. and you inherited the content they may have created or purchased.

Entertainment content also includes older TV or radio series. For example, using inherited rights to “The Little Rascals,” Roger and Michael King were able to fund the creation of their own company, King World Productions, now a part of CBS/Paramount. Currently, this company produces Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy among others.

Another example of entertainment content could include books or comic book series you have written and successfully published. Other examples include animated TV series and the rights to a format to a TV show created in another country, or perhaps an old show that used to be on U.S.A. TV or radio., Inc. is interested in hearing from you. We DON’T want ideas or scripts, only content that has aired on radio, TV or film, or content that has already been published. We may be interested in purchasing your content outright for cash, licensing, or perhaps a joint venture.

Click on the “submit” button and be as complete as possible in filling out the form. Obviously, there is no obligation in either direction, so why not see what happens? Your content could be the next success story to come out of Hollywood.